This Pune home is inspired by the family’s holiday in the Himalayas

by Vogue

January 24, 2023

This Pune home is inspired by the family’s holiday in the Himalayas

Referencing the homeowners’ highland travels, this home could easily pass off for a mountaintop retreat

Yashpaal and Khinjan Nagori, and their two daughters, Yaanshi, 10, and Kinisha, 7, are the sort of family that take their vacations and their vada pavs equally seriously. “But their vacations, a little bit more,” jests Natasha Shah, founder and principal designer of Pune-based interior design firm Between Walls. “After all, it is what served as inspiration for their home.” The inspiration in question actually came from Yashpaal’s parents, who had taken a recent trip to the Himalayas (potato, potahto), but in Shah’s mind, the trip took on a life of its own, with the Himalayan snow reimagined in a pristine white palette and kaleidoscopic accents embodying the colourful jackets of tourists. But with breezes standing in for snowfall and treetops for alpine peaks, the home’s Himalayan hallmarks exude a decidedly urban spirit.

His and hers

The living room’s white shell is punctuated by gold and green accents. An emerald-toned sofa serves as the focal point. The swing is from Pieces of Desire and the rug is from Jaipur Rugs

The dining room is characterised by ribbed finishes, tangerine chairs and a gilt-edged gallery wall. A sculptural chandelier from The White Teak Company crowns the setting

While Yashpaal was keen on a contemporary aesthetic, Khinjan favoured a more classic approach. In a bid to balance their preferences, Shah curated an equal mix of details: ribbed walls and voguish chandeliers for him; elegant rugs, gauzy linens and old-world wainscoting for her. Against the all-white shell, colours were introduced through tangerine dining chairs, a forest-green sofa, teal wall panels and maroon headboards. The floor sports a high-polish marble finish that holds a mirror to the sparkling Himalayan snow, while the TV wall wears book-matched marble with veins that reminisce the mountaintops. The wall opposite echoes the textural nuances with a fluted surface and a nature-inspired artwork by Shah’s dear friend, artist Snehal Goyal.

Black beauty

A black archway leads into the kitchen, serving as a striking counterpoint to the latter’s daisy surfaces

Muted and minimalist, the parents’ bedroom is warmed by rich wood flooring. A rug from Jaipur Rugs serves as a tactile overlay. The light is from Hybec

The older daughter’s bedroom is a pink and white oasis. A tufted, curvilinear headboard highlights one wall, while a complementary arched alcove serves as a study nook on the wall beside it. The swing is imported, while the bed, wardrobes, study unit and signage were made in situ. The bedding is from Altrove

Undoubtedly for the Nagoris, the home’s tour de force is the black arched entryway to the kitchen. “We also call it the black beauty,” quips Shah. “All the paints are in a matte finish except this one.” This Pune home has other treasures too. Kinisha’s room, for instance, features a cosy story nook where books and banter are enjoyed in equal measure. Likewise, the abstract painting in the master bedroom, also by Goyal, is emblematic of the Nagoris’ life story. “We always wanted something in our room that would embody just the two of us and our journey,” says Khinjan.

Himalayan hallmarks

The master bedroom is a teal boudoir with contemporary wall panelling. The wardrobe is by Grandeur and the rug by Hatsu. The chandelier and artwork were respectively sourced from The White Teak Company and Vistaar Art Studio

The older daughter’s bedroom is a La La Land of whimsical prints and gauzy fabrics. A canopy bed channels a princess vibe. All the furniture was made in situ while the bedding was sourced from Altrove

The balcony features a cosy sit-out and offers glittering views of the runway next door. The accents are from Westside and Altrove

Most evenings, the family kicks back in the living room, watching TV, indulging in a friendly game of chess, or swapping stories from the day gone by. “It’s the heart of our home and certainly our favourite realm,” says Yashpaal. But the best part of the day, Khinjan avers, is dinnertime, when the balcony doors are slid open and the breeze takes a seat at the table. “The view is amazing and we wanted the balcony design to be such that it could be used often.” By the same token, the original doors were replaced with bi-fold sliding doors so that the dining area could open up to the outdoors. Situated beside the airport and perched on the fourteenth floor, the Pune home offers a front-row seat to take-offs and landings—you know, just in case its inhabitants decide they’d rather trade in their alpine interior for a sunnier ‘flight’ of fancy.